The Philosophy of ÂMEFlore®


At ÂMEFlore® inspired by Nature, we aim to harness and share the great potential of powerful plant extracts. This philosophy is based in the holistic view of attaining harmony in the body, mind and soul. To be well and to feel good is the key for inner peace and lasting health.

Our philosophy is to inspire people to the aroma world through our exceptionally high standards and to show how powerfully effective this unique level of quality makes our essential oils.

ÂMEFlore® is derived from the French words Âme, meaning “soul“ and Flore, meaning “flora“ this represents the soul of the plants. In this way, the purity, quality, authenticity and respectful interactions between human and nature are all values we hold most dear. We reflect the spirit and the personality of precious plant life, taking great care in every single drop we extract.